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Pressure cookers, also known as express or pressure cookers, are essential accessories that should not be missing in any kitchen. Not only because the time spent on food preparation is significantly reduced, but also because it is very easy to use. In addition, with them you can enjoy a much healthier diet, in which nutrients and vitamins are better preserved.

Based on this premise, the purpose of this comparison is to find the best pressure cooker. For this purpose, four models were selected that have the following common characteristics: they are sold in packages containing two containers, one with a capacity of four and the other with a capacity of six liters, so the user can choose one or the other to prepare the number of portions.

Which pressure cooker did we choose?

The selected offers are: Allure Set Duo (7.75), Magefesa Practika Plus (9.25), Monix Selecta Duo Set (8) and Tefal Secure 5 Neo (8.5). During their analysis and evaluation, the following aspects were taken into account:

  • Planning: in terms of the production quality of the vessel. All are made of stainless steel, but there are slight variations in this quality.
  • Cleaning: Although the containers are dishwasher safe, they have all been washed by hand. How is this cleaning going? Is it easy to remove the remaining residue? What is the end result?
  • Speed: how quickly the food cooks.
  • Experience: if the dish is suitable for its purpose, how are the different dishes prepared, what safety measures are included?

Comparison of the best pressure cookers: how we tested them

To test this comparison, different dishes were cooked in each pot to compare the processes and results. Broccoli, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and rice were some of these foods. Similarly, some lentil and a seafood soup were made, among other recipes. The cooking surface became a ceramic hob.

Important: in this type of pots, the cooking time is counted from the moment when the steam leaves the valve and reduces the heat of the “fire” where the pot is.

The Magefesa Practika Plus pressure cooker received the highest score. Not only does it give you the best results, but it’s also what makes food better and faster, with a texture that others can’t.

Magefesa pressure cooker Practice Plus: our choice

The quality of the two containers appears to be very good and they were manufactured using 18/10 stainless steel, a material widely used in kitchenware. Both have water filling levels, a comfortable handle and a heat-dissipating bottom, which features to facilitate even and quick heat distribution (this is the only thing that does it best).

It applies to all types of kitchens, and as for its cover, it should be noted that the impressions are equally positive. In addition to highlighting the operation of the automatic closing system, the Magefesa model also has a pressure sensor that supports two positions of use, 60 kPa or 100 kPa. Depending on the type of food you want to prepare, you should choose one or the other.

Data sheet

  • Container capacity: four and six liters
  • Pressure levels: 60 kPa (position 1) / 100 kPa (position 2)
  • Types of kitchen: can be used for all kinds of “fires”.
  • Safety: automatic closing, pressure sensor, safety relief valve, pressure control valve and cover window
  • Other: 18/10 stainless steel, heat-dissipating bottom, heat-resistant handles

To make the task easier, the instructions include an extensive list, divided into groups (Soups/Soups/Creams, Rice, Vegetables/Greens/Potatoes, Legumes and Fish/Seafood) with different cooking times for each. positions. These are estimates, just like anything else, although the truth is that they are particularly useful in this case. They are also recommended for various recipes. The pot works as expected and the result is very satisfactory.

  • The best: manufacturing quality, safety measures (there are five in total) and results.
  • Worst: high price, but this amount is also high in the others.
  • Conclusions: It is the one that cooks the food the best and provides a texture that the others cannot achieve. In addition, it is the fastest and cleans very well.

Tefal pressure cooker Secure 5 Neo: the alternative

Together with the Magefesa pressure cooker, it provides a total of five measures to keep the user safe in the event of an error or malfunction. These measures include a safety valve, another against pressure regulation and an automatic blocking system. In the production quality that continues the line offered by the competition (dominated by stainless steel), there is one detail that I liked, which is related to the filling levels inside the two tanks: instead of the classic striped system, choose a numerical system, which is much more practical for the right amount of water to ensure its addition.

The movement of the self-closing button is convenient to use, while the operating valve is easy to operate as long as you read the included manual first. The steam control of the pot is easy to use, and depending on the type of food, you can choose between two cooking modes: in this sense, there is a program for meat and fish, and another for vegetables. Although the pot takes a bit longer to heat up than the others, it offers good results as the texture and cooking point are pleasing to the taste.

Monix pressure cooker Choose the Duo set: best value for money

Like the others, it can be used in all kitchens, including induction cookers. In its box, and as expected, there is an instruction manual that you should read before you start cooking the pot. It is very complete and solves any doubts that arise well, especially if it is the first time using such a vessel. The only thing missing is that the list of included foods – together with the corresponding cooking times – is smaller than expected. Safety is ensured by a triple system consisting of an automatic lid lock function, a safety valve and a side window.

The gradual pressure system with a 5.3 mm thick sole immediately attracts attention. It’s called the “Select & Cook System” and is located in the center of the lid. This is a circular regulator with four stickers. One of them shows the direction of the steam coming out of the pot, and the others, through a rotating wheel, allow you to select the cooking pressure of the food depending on whether it belongs to one or another group: vegetables, meat, or fish. This system is very practical and you get used to it quickly. In the tests, the pressure cooker performed well, although some foods with a slightly harder texture take longer to cook. It cleans well, although there are small stains on the bottom.

Stove bra Allure Set Duo

Non-slip closure system, maximum charge indicator, vertical steam outlet, four safety systems, two pressure levels… These are some of the features available in the Bra Allure offer, a two-in-one kit that, like its competitors, includes two four- and six-liter tanks. Like them, both are made of stainless steel, and the handle and handle are made of heat-resistant vinyl, so that the pot can withstand the high temperatures reached during the cooking process. However, the quality and craftsmanship of its competition is slightly better.

You can get to know the dish after several uses. During the tests, particularly good results were achieved when cooking vegetables and legumes. When making other dishes and recipes, it took a little longer to “hit the ground running” to enjoy the nice texture and flavor. Although the degree of adhesion can be improved, the dirt comes off easily.

*All purchase prices in the article are valid on September 17, 2022.

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