Valdivia celebrates the “Soup Festival” on September 10 and 11 this year.

The initiative will take place in Saval Park, its opening hours will be between 11:00 and 20:00. It should be noted that the entrance is completely free (only the entrance to the park is paid) and it should also be emphasized that a mobility pass is required to enter the activity.

The “Fiesta de la Sopa” is an example that aims to make visible the diverse gastronomic offer of the municipality and the region, appreciating part of Valdivia’s culinary heritage during the winter months.

Similarly, it tries to generate potential tourist flows and economic movement in the city, hand in hand with such thematic events as the municipal gastronomic fair aimed at family audiences.

Gastronomy is the reason to travel to Valdivia, where culinary rescue and development play an important role. Therefore, gastronomic innovation is the cornerstone of the activity.

Many of the dishes to be eaten at the “Soup Festival” are unusual in restaurants, so it will be a mixture of identity saving and creativity. We hope to contribute to the growth of local cuisine and culture. On the other hand, “bring the spoon” is designed to reduce the amount of garbage generated.

Programmed grid

The menu: Around 30 stalls and food trucks offer a wide selection of broths: onion soup and pumpkin cream, gluten-free pantruca and picarones, mushroom soup and lentil soup, ramen and miso soup.

Also bone broth, pullmay, seafood broth, Creole ajiaco, soups and vegetable cream, carbonated sangle and hazelnut cream garnish, clam chowder with sweet categories, among others.

Valdivia, Los Molinos, Niebla, Mehuín and San José de la Mariquina are towns represented by shops, catering companies, food trucks and restaurants.

Entertainment programs: The Soup Festival also featured a show kitchen related to culinary rescue with several local and national chefs.

From Talca, Chef Ruben Tapia, manager of the important gastronomic festivals in Maule, will be next to Chef Carlos Betran, who is from Cañete. They will be joined by Carlos Labrin, Christiane Stein and Jean Arcos, who will also be cooking with the Valdivia Technical High School and some of the exhibitors.

Also, some artistic shows will be added, including the Risings Bands tribute band (Saturday). On Sunday, the JA Cuban Style and Tumbao academies will host a Fiesta afternoon with a show and massive Salsa and Bachata classes, followed by Banda Bloke Sur.

Two years without activity due to the health emergency, the instancia gathers all the planned activities to celebrate these special dates with the family.

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