Three very creamy and nutritious soup recipes that work well as a single meal

Few preparations warm the belly and quench the appetite like a big bowl of soup.. Even soup can be a complete and nutritious one-dish meal, served in one go.

In order to fulfill its function of feeding the body with all the necessary nutrients for lunch or dinner, the key is in the calories of the soup and the combination of ingredients.

These three super nutritious and super tasty soup recipes are perfect.

Lentil and potato soup.shutter

This too light potato lentil soup is a fantastic dish to beat the winter cold! It’s packed with vegetables like celery, carrots and potatoes, paired with nutritious lentils in a delicious homemade broth. the good a potato and lentil soup recipe is that it can be adjusted to personal preferences: you can add more vegetables, such as pumpkin, sweet potato, cauliflower and others; It can be made vegetarian with vegetable broth or more protein with chicken or beef broth. In terms of seasoning, you can also choose exotic spices or fresh herbs. Although the lentil and potato soup is a filling meal by itself, it is very good served with delicious homemade bread.

Chicken and vegetable meatball soup.
Chicken and vegetable meatball soup.Shutterstock

It couldn’t be richer: this recipe for vegetable soup and chicken meatballs is super homemade and has everything you want from a winter meal. Plus, making meatballs is super fun. Also chicken and vegetable meatball soup recipe It’s like the chicken soup our grandmothers used to make to recover from colds. It is powerful and has the charm of instantly making us feel good, it copes with all the cold by giving us back the warmth that comforts our body and soul. I did the vegetable soup with chicken meatballs with plenty of broth to enjoy spoon by spoonful.

cheese soup
cheese souppixabay

A very strong, tasty and filling cheese soup always comes in handy. It has a high calorie content, so it can be served as a main dish or as a single snack. Cheese soup is not only made from cheese, but also contains vegetables, herbs and seasonings that give it freshness and flavor. What’s good about it cheese soup is that it can be made very quickly and easily. Also has a recipe for cheese soup with mushrooms but you can use onions instead of mushrooms, or make a really creamy cheese soup that’s nothing more than a little vegetable lost in the thick broth of the bowl.

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