These are the most sought after Arguiano recipes on the internet

The most popular recipes from television’s most famous chef, Karlos Arguiano, are easy and simple, so anyone can prepare them and enjoy their traditional taste.

Spain’s most popular chef, Karlos Arguiano (Beasain, Guipzcoa, 1948) has already added He has been at the helm of the program for 32 years gastronomy, in which he cooked more than 10,000 recipes. Once broadcast on television, they can be found on the Internet, and among all of them there are those that stand out from the rest with hundreds of thousands of views. These the most popular.

Flemish eggs by Karlos Arguiano

Potatoes, chorizo, tomato sauce, serrano ham, peas and, of course, eggs. Here are some ingredients for cooking his most successful recipe the cook’s. A typical Andalusian dish: simple, very tasty and with the usual products in any fridge. The spicy touch of cayenne is the key. The video has well over one million views.

traditional fish soup

It’s a perfect dish at any time of the year, but it goes especially well with it cold winter days. This fish soup includes ingredients such as clams and shrimp, in addition to the staple, monkfish, although, as Arguiano himself indicates, other types of fish can be used. One trick is to add some bread to make it thicker. This is the second most viewed recipe with over 800,000 views.

Eggplant and parmesan cheese croquette

Who doesn’t love croquet? The eggplant-stuffed version of Arguiano is a way of innovation perfect to avoid the classics of ham or chicken. In addition, cheese provides more creaminess and a subtle flavor profile. The chef’s third best-selling recipe, views exceed 750,000 reproductions.

Lentils with vegetables

Knowing how to cook lentils is one of the first steps to becoming a chef, or at least something useful between the stoves. A great opportunity eat legumes, even for those who don’t like it very much and provide the body with a good dose of nutritious vegetables. This is a vegan recipe, healthy and easy to make.

Roasted pork ribs with vegetables

One of the Spanish dishes more traditional, pork ribs with roasted vegetables is a very proven recipe that does not require maa. This is a very simple recipe, one of those where you peel the vegetables, brown the meat, and brown everything in a pan with broth. When serving, we can add a little parsley to finish.

Spaghetti with Spanish sauce

Spaghetti is a soothing food, but it’s time to ditch the bolosa and carbonara sauce and try something different. Karlos Arguiano recommends trying these Spanish styles. They contain minced meat, spring onions, leeks, carrots, zucchini and the ingredient that makes them special, red wine.

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