The perfect leek soup to cleanse the body

With the arrival of autumn, it is time to change the daily menus. The temperature is getting cooler little by little and more and more people want to eat hot food. The vegetable soups Ideal recipes for presenting vegetables autumn diet. Also, if you’re looking to get in shape after the summer and rejoin the gym, it’s the perfect addition to a proper diet exercise.

Vegetable soups, an ideal way of vitamin intake

The vegetable soups An ideal choice for cleansing the body after the summer. One of the most popular and easiest to make leek soup. Here we explain its benefits and a simple recipe for making it. If you don’t like leeks, you can try it celery and onion soup or a tomato soup. All are loaded with nutrients but provide very few calories to the diet.

Cleansing soup is ideal for quick and healthy weight loss pixabay

Leek for a healthy cleansing of the body

Great for leeks cleaning power It helps remove toxins from the body. In addition, these vegetables provide a large amount of vitamins C and B6 in the menu, which helps in a stronger immune system. Leeks stand out for their low calorie intake and are fat-free. In addition, they are rich in fiber, so they help us avoid constipation.

How to make leek soup?

To prepare this cleansing soup you don’t need a lot of ingredients. In fact, one kilo of leeks and water will be enough for the dish very cheap and easy to implement.


To prepare it, you must first wash the leeks with plenty of water. Then cut off the dark green part of the trunk and leave the head and half of the torso from. Reserve it to make the broth. Then place the leeks in a large pot and cover with water. When they start to boil, reduce the heat and Cook for 20 or 30 minutes. Keep the liquid in a container and place the leeks in a bowl. You can save them and use them in other recipes.

As for the resulting soup, you can add a few drops of lemon juice and eat it very hot as a first course for lunch and dinner. You can also eat the boiled leek afterwards with a little extra virgin olive oil and a little salt and pepper.

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