the delicious soup that stole the hearts of the entire West. We’ll tell you how to make ramen at home

If, like us, your mouth waters every time you see a Japanese animation with very gross, colorful and tasty food, this recipe is ideal for you: this very popular ramen, a delicious soup with pasta, meat and vegetables, which stole the hearts of the entire West because of its incredible taste. We’ll tell you how to make it.

The manga, anime and Japanese culture In general, it has become very popular in recent years, and thanks to this, its gastronomy has also traveled the world. Food is a fundamental part of Japanese culture, and as such, is shown with great love and respect in all cultural products that we consume with growing emotion.

It is not surprising that in 2013 the “Washoku”as traditional Japanese cuisine is called, it was declared The cultural heritage of mankind by Unesco. In Japan, cooking is treated as an art, from stews to drinks and desserts, and this is reflected in the great creativity and variety present in the food.

The truth is that like many foods around the world; Ramen is not one hundred percent original from the country that received it, but the initiation of the ancient tradition of Chinese noodles, which started as a slightly elaborate soup, which later migrated to the Japanese taste, in which it was cooked with beef. , fish, vegetables and local fish.

type of ramen

In addition, depending on its composition and the prepared ingredients, several types of ramen can be distinguished:

  • shio ramen the most classic and faithful Chinese recipe; tonkotsu ramen, which features pork bones that are boiled for hours until they become a thick, soft broth.

  • Shoyu ramen in which the broth is made not only with chicken, but also with vegetables, and the final touch is soy sauce, which gives the ramen a dark color.

  • miso ramen which follows the same lines as the previous two, but miso paste is added instead of soybeans or bones.

Morning, August 25She world ramen day, so today we are sharing this delicious and soupy recipe so that you too can enjoy this beloved dish as it deserves. Let’s do it.

how to make ramen 3

  • Let’s start by frying the garlic and ginger in a deep pan with a little sesame oil. If you don’t have it, you can replace it with olive oil. Add the chicken stock along with the carrots and cook for five minutes over medium heat.

  • Once the carrots are soft, add the sliced ​​mushrooms and cook for another 3 minutes.

  • Add the pasta and cook for another five minutes. When everything is ready, add the spinach and boil for about two minutes.

  • Serve on a plate or deep dish, garnish with a halved egg, diced tofu and a little chopped chives. Donate! (which means profit in Japanese)

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