The best Hungarian dishes that we can taste

There are a thousand different ways to travel the world, and one of them is undoubtedly through gastronomy. When we visit a country other than our own, or even a different city, we tend to try the local cuisine to discover its flavors. But it is also possible to search for recipes and cook them at home, so that you can travel without leaving.

This time we call various Hungarian dishes that will help you get a little closer to this Eastern European country. And of course, to inaugurate the list, we have to talk about the goulash, because it is the star dish. You may have heard of it or even tried it at a restaurant close to home. But you should know that sometimes what we call goulash here is actually not: goulash is a meat stew which is cooked for over two hours and has hot peppers in addition to the odd vegetable or vegetable.

Goulash | pixabay

Perhaps you’d rather venture out and try your hand at cooking langos, which is a type of pizza but whose dough is baked and not made in the oven. As for the ingredients, you should forget the tomatoes, because this Hungarian dish only contains cheese and sour cream.

In addition to the two we have named, cooking is also characteristic of this country pancake, which is some kind of pancake, although in this case they are slightly thicker. As for fillings, one of the best known is hortobagyi, which contains ground meat and fried onions. In this case, the sauce poured on top is made from sour cream and paprika sauce.


Pancake | Image on Wikipedia, public license

As you have already seen, both paprika and sour cream are widely used in Hungarian cuisine. So it doesn’t surprise me if I tell you Főzelék is a vegetable stew which contains cabbage, potatoes, peas, carrots, peppers, lentils and spinach, and all these ingredients are mixed with lemon juice, tomatoes and peppers.

A pepper, which is also the protagonist Fish soup Hungarian fish soup. In addition to the broth made from river fish, there is a lot of pepper in it. So much so that the soup is actually red. So now you know, if you make it at home, don’t forget to add a good dose of this spice.

turos slip

Turós slide | Picture of Christo on Wikipedia, license- CC BY-SA 4.0

In conclusion, we name it pasta dish, curd cake. This is a pasta cooked with Hungarian cottage cheese, which also has bacon. It is possible that in this case, since they are more specific ingredients, it will cost a little more to find them. However, if you find them, you can make a delicious Hungarian dish.

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