She cuts off her lover’s head and makes vegetable soup for the children

This case shocked the whole of Australia, where a woman came forward Katherine Knight committed a crime that no one could imagine. Knight decided to kill her lover by stabbing her 37 times, then cook and feed her own children. Robert Wells was a detective who prevented the children from eating the head that their mother had just cut off from their partner, which included potatoes, pumpkin, beets, cabbage and sauce.

At the moment where With John Price’s head boiling in a vegetable soup that Katherine had made, Wells discovered the terrifying scene, which he described as images that would never leave his head.. He also spoke to the Australian media The day who has continued to have bad dreams and nightmares since 2000, when he found the horrific scene.

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Katherine is jailed for life after slitting her lover’s throat and cooking soup

The killing shocked Australia and marked the first time in Canberra that a woman had been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. Although 22 years have passed since the crime, Detective Wells maintains the case because of what happened that year. He remembers the moment he arrived with a police team, where they saw the scene of Price’s head roasting in a pot after being “worked” as she did with the cattle she prepared at the slaughterhouse where she worked.

Katherine performed an entire ritual after stabbing her mate, skinning her, decapitating her, and leaving her flesh hanging on a special hook she used at her workplace to later cook the body parts. After committing the heinous crime, Knight withdrew money from the murdered man’s account and returned home to take the drug overdose, but it did not finish him.

When she was arrested, the woman pretended not to remember anything and attacked her partner in self-defense due to domestic violence, this statement was denied after several ex-boyfriends testified that she was violent. Knight was sentenced to life in prison in October 2021 after beheading his lover, cutting her into small pieces, which he cooked along with potatoes, pumpkin, beetroot, cabbage, pumpkin and gravy, which he ate.

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