Shangrila is the new place in Madrid for dimsum lovers

If you are one of those who love Asian food and live in Madrid, let me tell you that you are in luck, because there is a new restaurant – although it is not really new – that attracts all eyes and, of course, taste buds. . approx Shangrila Dimsum Barand as the name suggests, this is a bar that specializes in dimsum, although more of a bar, it’s a dining room that specializes in making these steamed delicacies filled with vegetables, plates, or pork and/or beef. one of the traditional dishes of Chinese cuisine.

Actually, I said it’s not that new because the square where the Shangrila Dimsum Bar is now used to be the first Chinese restaurant that opened in Madrid in the 1960s, also with the same name. In 1962, three young Chinese chefs arrived in Madrid from Hong Kong, and a few months later they started working in the capital’s first restaurant of its kind, which wanted to shake up the city’s gastronomic panorama. The concept was as exotic as could be imagined at the time. Through the decoration, the staff and above all the special features of the facility, the mysteries of the distant country were revealed to us.

Now the hotel group that founded one of the classics of Chinese food in Spain, El Buda Feliz, has regained the space and promises to be the new hotspot of the Spanish capital when it comes to Chinese food.

the Shangrila dim sum

You will wonder what is special about dimsum, namely that they are made by hand and homemade by the chef of the restaurant. As well as home-made stews and pasta (following the recipe of one of the owner’s grandmothers), spicy dishes and other offal, according to the taste of certain regions of the Asian country and perfectly suited to the taste of Madrid.

Its menu revisits traditional Chinese cuisine “like grandma’s”, focusing on these small steamed dumplings

Shangrila is the new place in Madrid for dimsum lovers

Much more than dimsum

In addition to dimsum (which is also served in the form of soup), the menu offers a wide selection stir fry: chicken, veal, prawns, all with country vegetables such as lotus, asparagus, Chinese cabbage and eggplant…; soups and pastas in a multitude of versions, in addition to some excellent ones pork ribs and roast duck.

For example, Chinese noodles with homemade sauce one of the recipes made by the grandmother of one of the owners, as well as the homemade pasta soup or the potato starch triangular dim sum filled with meat. All dishes from the Qingtian region, famous for its fish rice fields.

In section spicyhighlight the chicken, beef, shrimp or squid casseroles with vegetables and the offal It is present in veal or pork tripe steamed with leeks.

Where? Calle Leganitos 26 (Madrid) / Telephone 91 935 54 48

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