recipe for a good lentil stew

Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially launching the stew and casserole season. The cold has already arrived in these parts, and the houses are starting to smell the characteristic aromas of pot cooking.

The rich, nutritious lentil stands out for its high energy value. Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, they provide fiber that helps to overcome constipation, and are good for pregnant women thanks to their folic acid content, high B vitamin and iron content. Lentils are a noble product, they can be used for stews, salads and even to make hamburgers.

I will share my version Fast stew and if you decide, tag me in your posts (@federicogonzaleztalvi).


Lentils 400g
Onion 2 units
Red bell pepper 1 unit
Carrot 2 units
Tomato 2 units
Cloves of garlic 4 units
Smoked bacon 100g
Red chorizo ​​1 unit
Sausage 1 unit
Tomato paste 250cc
bay leaf
Salt, pepper, oregano and paprika as needed
Potatoes 4 units


First, soak the lentils for at least three hours to hydrate them and then cook them faster.

Cut the bell pepper, onion, garlic and tomato into very small cubes. Sliced ​​carrots are like sausages. Cut the bacon half a cm wide
from. Once everything is cut up, it’s time to start cooking.

In a large pot, first sauté the chorizos and bacon in a little oil. If you want to add meat, now is the time.

As soon as we notice that the chorizos and bacon are starting to brown and release the fat that makes our stew such a delight, we add the vegetables
order of hardness: carrots first, then bell peppers, onions, garlic and finally tomatoes.

After a few minutes, when the vegetables are softer, add the lentils, tomato paste and water until just covered. We have a good season.

We cook our stew until the lentils are cooked, measuring the water level. Once the lentils are cooked, they don’t have to be soupy, and they don’t have to be very dry either.

In this case, I chose potatoes as a side dish: they are cut into large cubes and cooked in a separate pot. I especially like to do it this way, so I take care of it
al dente, if it is cooked, I add it to the stew when the lentils are already cooked.

The stew will be served in a deep dish, obviously accompanied by a good slice of bread.

Enjoy your meal!

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