Ramen, an iconic Japanese soup

April 4th is the national holiday of this typical Japanese dish

Ramen is a wheat noodle dish served with broth, mostly pork, and usually accompanied by meat, seafood, and vegetables.. Originally from Japan, it became so popular in the last century that every April 4th is celebrated as National Ramen Day.

This preparation was born from the fusion of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. During the 19th century, Chinese immigrants settled in Yokohama, located south of Tokyo. This is when street vendors began offering traditional Chinese food, including the noodle soup that would eventually become the current ramen.. The Ramen Museum is located in Yokohama.

Its development is complex and varied. In general, the ingredients are prepared individually and then served in a deep plate or bowl. First the broth, then the pasta and finally the accessories.

Ramen and its broths

Broth is essential to distinguish good ramen, and must be prepared in advance so that the flavor is concentrated. This broth can be made with any number of ingredients, but four are the most commonly used, and this is one way to classify ramen. The first broth is made with pork bones and is thick, whitish, so-called tonkotsu.

The second is the so-called shioit means salt, it is made with chicken bones. It is quite light and transparent. The while shoyu, It is made from soy sauce, chicken bones and vegetables.. Dark but light and aromatic. Finally, the broth misowhich is made with a paste made from soybeans, vegetables and chicken.


Besides, there is the tarea concentrated sauce usually made from soybeans, miso, or sake, used to enhance flavor. In the first place tare, then the broth, then the pasta. You can also add flavored oils, so-called comeyto make the broth even tastier.

The dough is made of flour, water and kansuicarbonated water that gives them their characteristic yellow color and elasticity, as there are usually no eggs in its preparation. They mainly use plain dough of medium thickness. As an interesting fact, it is common in ramen restaurants to specify the amount and cooking method of the noodles.

It is usually accompanied by ramen hahamarinated pork belly, roasted and cut into thin slices; ajitama, egg marinated in soy sauce; nori seaweed, mushrooms enokichives, sesame seeds, vegetables, fish or shellfish.

Ramen can also be classified by region, with at least 30 types of regional ramen. Three of them are the best in Japan: ramen with miso from Sapporo, a tonkotsu From Hakata and the curly noodle ramen from Kitakata.

Despite its recent history, this Japanese preparation has become an icon, reaching cities such as Paris, Barcelona and New York. There are about 32,000 ramen restaurants in Japan and they are sold practically at all hours. There are Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo.

Throughout the year, holidays commemorate the importance of this food in Japan. A) Yes, March 11 eat pasta day while October 6 is National Pasta Day.

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