Nutritious! Four vegetable dishes are prepared this week – Gastronomy

Legumes are very nutritious, necessary for the proper functioning of the body, so it is good to include them in your weekly menu. Today we show you four recipes for eating legumes.

How to eat legumes simply

If there’s any culture where legumes are considered a classic, this is it India. Some of his most famous and tastiest dishes include legumes, such as this luscious dish dalmakhanian Indian soup of lentils and red beans is excellent with rice.

Another recipe that cannot be missed this week is the typical one cashew rice but with butter beans. Perfect to eat warm, freshly prepared, with the love of homemade food. Remember that the best way to eat legumes is to accompany them with a grain such as rice, this is a perfect combination.

Soybeans are legumes that contain a lot of protein. Today we offer a recipe that you can use in a different way. how about a pajagua soy protein chew? It’s such an easy treat that you’ll want to make more vegetarian meals this week.

Of course, a salad cannot be missing from this list. Take advantage of high temperature days to be comfortable red bean salad olive pâté, food suitable for celiacs. Add your favorite spices and enjoy.

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