Light dinner: Chicken soup with spinach and mushrooms, a great choice for cold days

The Dinner It’s always something that can give you a headache, and not just because we don’t know what cookbut because not everything we find”Fast“It’s absolutely possible healthy. And we can’t deny that when we start taking care of ourselves, we have to discard a lot of that and start combining elements that are much more suitable for our body and that they make us infinitely happy. It is exactly these options that are famous mushrooms and chicken.

For a long time a mushroom they ranked themselves among the best vegetable proteins that we have, and it’s not just about an extraordinary taste, it has a lot to do with the large size nutritional which it can generate in our health. In addition to being easy because the 90% of its content is waterEach 100g of mushrooms, then there would be a total 22 calories

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