Inexpensive menus make it possible to maintain local sales

Some people eat lunch on the street if for some reason they don’t take food with them to work, or because it just provokes them. Despite the crisis, people are looking for economic alternatives.

The 2001 team visited a few stores to learn about options and prices.

Arepera Solano 1 manager Damelys Machado indicated that for lunch they offer “an executive menu of soup and dry food for $5. The variants of the second course are steak with onions, steamed meat, steamed ribs or grilled chicken.

He explained that some people ask for empanadas or tequeños for lunch. “We offer two empanadas and a malt for $1, tequeños for Bs 6.”

He noted that the store’s special creation is the Special So-lano hamburger with oregano, “the meat we make is also ordered for lunch, it comes with Nestea for $6. Sales remain at 30%.”


Administrative Assistant of Batidos Llanolandia; Leidy Rengifo indicated that they offer breakfast combos and an executive menu for $5 at BCV rates. “The menu consists of soup, dry food, fruit juice and coffee on the house. Today’s menu is minestrone soup, eggplant pastiche with chicken or fried chicken.”

He noted that they offer a different menu every day. “For lunch, we also have hamburgers and cachapa, it depends on what the customer wants. Burgers are $2 with everything, $5 with cachapa cheese, $5 with ham, and $9 with cheese and pork.

He stated that the claim was reserved. The customer base is high in two weeks and “we expect the same today.” Saturdays are busier than during the week.

The person in charge of Lunchería Margot, Alfredo Pérez, pointed out that the economical lunch option at the place is grilled chicken, smoked pork chop or steak, between $4 and $5. “I include drinks for regular customers”.

He stated that the store’s specialties are pastiche, steamed chicken and black roast, “in season. Sales have increased from 50% to 60% six months to now”.

The owner of Lunchería Yugeisy, Ana Graciela Linares, clarified that lunch costs $4. “We have steak, loin, Milanese, with salad and rice or beans. The menu changes daily and includes natural passion fruit, guava or tamarind juice.

He said he sells empanadas for Bs 5 in the morning. “Some people have lunch with it, and it can be made right away. Sales were down 50% for a long time.”

The manager of @streetburgers_ccs, Daniel Maita, indicated that “there are people who come for lunch at noon with hamburgers, pepitos or hot dogs”.

Burgers are $5 chicken, $4 steak or $6 steak, $4 pepitos and $1.50 dogs. “The most common thing they bring to lunch is dogs,” he said.


José Cárdenas pointed out that “I often have lunch on the street, slices, steak, anything that provokes. I invest $8 between my father and me. Cheap compared to other sites.

Claudia López stated that she sometimes eats lunch on the street. “I’ll buy a well-done hot dog for $1.50, it’s cheap and that’s enough.” María Rodríguez said “I have a combo of two burgers for $3, which is cheaper.”

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