How to make simple bouillabaisse soup

Bouillabaisse is delicious fish and seafood soup, typical of French gastronomy, very popular in Marseille and in general in the coastal area of ​​Provence. It is a traditional seafood dish, which, like other similar dishes and broths, was made from discarded fish for sale, which the sailors used for their own consumption. Today, bouillabaisse soup is an emblem of French cuisine, appreciated all over the world for its delicate but intense marine flavor and its simple preparation. If you want to know how to make easy bouillabaisse soupconsider the steps explained in the HOWTO and some advice to make it a perfect fit for you without being too complicated.

6 dining rooms
45 minutes
low difficulty


Steps to follow:


To prepare the broth for the bouillabaisse soup, it boils your choice of fish heads, shellfish, and shrimp or prawn heads and shells. Boil everything together in water, approx 10 minutes, with a little coarse salt and some bay leaves. If you have it, put out the fire strain the broth result and save. Reserve the handset as well.

How to make a simple bouillabaisse soup - step 1


Prepare the ingredients prepare the sauce which will be the base of the soup. Cut the leeks and spring onions into small pieces, peel the garlic, and grate the tomatoes.

How to make a simple bouillabaisse soup - step 2


Put a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a pot and when it reaches temperature (without smoking), add the leeks and spring onions.

How to make a simple bouillabaisse soup - step 3


Mix and let it cook over low heat. After a few minutes, add the garlic and grated (or crushed from a glass) tomato. leave some of it 8-10 minutes.


When the sauce is ready, add the broth how did you book and mix in the fish together with the shellfish: peeled shrimps or crab tails and clams without shells.

How to make a simple bouillabaisse soup - step 5


Time to add the spices to tastePreparation: salt, pepper, a few sprigs of parsley and a piece of fennel (if desired), peel and clean well.

How to make a simple bouillabaisse soup - step 6


Steam the pot 20-30 minutes Already half cookedAdd a few sprigs of saffron. If you want, take the opportunity to toast a few slices of bread during this time.

Making simple bouillabaisse soup - step 7


After this time, you can serve the bouillabaisse soup in two ways:

  1. Take out the fish and shellfish and put them in a bowl so that all diners the portions you prefer. Strain the broth and add it to the tureen with the bread slices (or without, if you like).
  2. Directly served by full platethat is, the broth and the fish together (in this case, it is advisable to clean and cut up larger fish to make it easier to distribute in different portions).

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How to make a simple bouillabaisse soup - step 8

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  • Bouillabaisse soup is a very simple dish. The secret lies in choosing a variety of fish, including rockfish, the most intensely flavored, such as scorpion fish or red mullet.
  • If you want to make bouillabaisse even easier, don’t make the broth yourself. Prepare the sauce and cook the fish and shellfish directly in the water mixed with the brick fish (half and half).
  • If you want the broth to have a smoother consistency, instead of straining, you can pass the vegetables from the sauce through a chinois or potato press or blender.
  • This soup has a variety of ingredients to suit your taste. You can add some clean squid cut into small strips, or if you prefer, you can replace the clams with mussels or clams.
  • Although bouillabaisse is best eaten fresh, if left overnight, the fish and shellfish will slowly release all their juices into the broth, and the bouillabaisse will be delicious.

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