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  1. Put four tomatoes, half an onion and a seedless guajillo chili in one and a half liters of boiling water with one chicken breast.
  2. Blend the tomato, onion and chili. Season. Add 150 ml of water.
  3. Remove excess water in a colander.
  4. Add the tomato sauce to the broth made with the chicken breast.
  5. For the tortilla strips: collect about five and cut the strips. Then you need to throw them in an oiled pan until they are golden brown.
  6. Take slices of panela cheese and cut them into squares.
  7. Remove excess oil on a plate with a napkin.
  8. We add salt to the broth we make, but not so much. The chicken will be shredded where the broth was made.

– At the coating-

  • Put some tortilla strips in a deep plate.
  • Fill with broth.
  • Cover with cream, cotija cheese and panela cheese.
  • It will be topped with strips of avocado and chicken.

    ready to taste

Don’t miss Hasta la Cocina on TVP from Monday to Friday at 13:00.

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