How eventful was the wedding of Carlos and Camilla

On April 9, 2005, the
Prince Charles, heir to the British throneand Camilla Parker Bowles were married in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall and a religious ceremony at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. A link that would be the official “and they ate a prisoner” of the most stormy royal love story of the past 35 years.

Carlos and Camilla started their idyll in the 70s and fell in love again in 1986 (when they were both married).
they kept their relationship intact in the 90s and in the 2000s, they became the unofficial couple most reviled by the tabloids. It’s no surprise that Camilla had an anxiety attack on the morning of her wedding day with this track.

his best friend, Lucia Santa Cruztried to calm the bride’s nerves with chicken soup Camilla did not feel strong enough to marry the heir to the British throne, no matter how strong their relationship was: contrary to what was said in the press, she never wanted to be queen.

Camilla was well aware that she did not have the love or support of most of her fellow citizens, and despite
his family defined him as “bulletproof”. After enduring decades of ridicule from others, the future queen consort collapsed on her wedding day.

There was no shortage of reasons to distrust public opinion. Kamilla was the “evil woman” whom II. Queen Elizabeth despised him, and with whom the monarch declared that he wanted nothing to do with. This was also the
He has been the public partner of Prince Charles since 1999but a 2004 Populus survey found that only 32% of the population supported marriage.

On your wedding day,
outside Clarence House, the casual British fan of Diana of Wales gathered to shout at the couple that Charles should never become king simply because he was marrying the woman he loved. Camilla has been dealing with these slurs since the couple’s engagement was announced on February 10, 2005, and couldn’t get out of bed on the morning of the wedding day.

An eventful wedding, without a queen, with an exhausted bride

By the time the day of the ceremony arrived, April 9, the bride was exhausted.
In the same week, he suffered from sinusitis which made him bedridden, but it was not illness but sheer stage fright that kept him from going to his own wedding that morning.

Things did not turn out the way the couple had planned from the beginning, and not only were there still headlines such as
What would Diana have said», but they had to change the link date overnight. They planned to get married on April 8, but II. John Paul’s death forced the prince to attend the funeral and postpone the wedding by 24 hours.

Finally, the bride pulled herself together, and on April 9, on a rainy morning, and with two shoes of different heights, because her nerves betrayed her to the end, Camilla and Carlos were married.
Windsor Town Hall in a civil ceremony, in which neither II. Neither Queen Elizabeth nor the Duke of Edinburgh attended.

The ceremony was simple, attended by just 28 guests and Tom Parker Bowles and Prince William, but extremely emotional. Not long after, Amanda MacManus, one of Camilla’s personal secretaries, recounted: “When
They went upstairs, both crying. And it got all of us, so we all cried. It was very moving.”

After the civil relationship came
a small religious ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in nearby Windsor Castle, dedicated to blessing marriages and performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Despite the nerves and tears, rarely
Carlos and Camilla are a couple They appeared so brilliantly together. At the first ceremony, the bride posed in a cream Anna Valentine dress and matching jacket and a Philip Treacy hat with French lace and feathers.


Carlos and Camilla: an impossible love story with a happy ending

As part of the blessing, Camilla posed in a second outfit that was atypical for a royal wedding but far more regal than the first model: a pale blue dress hand-embroidered with gold thread and
another Philip Treacy headdress with gold feathers and Swarovski crystals.

About the following ceremony, at which II. Erzsébet and her husband also participated,
no further details were provided. Except for the groom’s toast, perhaps unfortunate, but which perfectly summed up the hell the couple went through to get to the altar. Carlos’s toast ended clearly: “Down with the press!”

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