Five recipes with chopped nopala. Nutritious, rich and easy to make with this Mexican endemic ingredient

Imagine this scenario: it’s the weekend and the family decided to cook a delicious roast beef. The grill is on and right above the stove grate you can see their little green sauce, onions and nopals cooking. Your mouth is watering right? so the prickly pearin addition to being a delicious companion roast beef taquitosextremely versatile ingredient with which you can make it steamed with chopped nopale spectacular.

This plant is native MexicoIn addition to being delicious, they are very good for our health, and there are plenty of them. The point is that nopal is an important part of the lives of Mexicans, not only because it is part of the national coat of arms, in which we can see the snake together with the devouring Eagle as a national symbol, but also because it is present in our food from a very young age.

As food, nopal and its fruits, prickly pear can be consumed fresh, in fruit juices, drinks and concentrates, frozen products, dried products and candies, jams and jellies, and as a fermented product; In Mexico, it is also used medicinally or as a dietary supplement. But we will focus on what concerns us today: sharing recipes with chopped nopale.

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Chicken in green sauce with nopales

One of the most delicious recipes with which to accompany this traditional ingredient of Mexican food is this recipe for roasted chicken in green sauce, which is usually accompanied by potato wedges, nopales and fresh cilantro. It’s such a simple and easy recipe that you can make it in just 30 minutes.

Chicken mixiotes nopales

There’s nothing better than some mixiote tacos with nopales and lots of broth. We’ll tell you how to make these delicious chicken mixes with nopales. Best of all, this recipe can be made in foil, making it very affordable and easy to make.

Recipes with chopped nopal 7

Tomato soup with nopales

The recipe for nopales tomato soup is quite simple. The flavors of tomatoes, chilies and nopales stand out in this. When serving, you can add garnishes such as tortilla strips or fresh cheese, we recommend adding the cheese to the broth while it is still very hot so that it melts a little.

Recipes with chopped nopal 6

Nopales and longaniza casserole

This is a classic and comforting dish of Mexican mothers. Learn how to make this delicious nopales and longaniza casserole, ideal for a full meal. I recommend accompanying it with a taquito, or better yet, make it with these great homemade flour tortillas.

Recipes with chopped nopal 2

Birria with beans and nopale

One of the most popular dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine is birria, which is eaten in abundance especially on weekends, when we can spend more time with friends or family. Now we share this birria recipe with beans and nopales, which is a complete delight.

Recipes with chopped nopal 5

Miso soup with a Mexican twist

I found a recipe that combines the ingredients of miso soup with typical Mexican ingredients like nopales and chipotle peppers with a little miso, tofu and seaweed. We share this miso soup with nopales, it presents a spectacular blend of flavors that will make you want to eat more.

Recipes with chopped nopal 4

Nopales with onions

It is one of the dishes that frame the traditions of folk cuisine, with few ingredients but dominant flavors. These bulbous nopales are also enjoyable as a meat side dish, but they can also be eaten as a main course or with tortillas.

Recipes with chopped nopal 3

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