6 delicious recipes you can make with a bottle of lentils

You have heard many times that canned vegetables are of poor quality, or that the liquid in them must always be rinsed off, because its consumption is harmful to health. It couldn’t be further from the truth. They can actually be fantastic resources for those times when you’re short on time and want to avoid instant soup or whatever fast food unhealthy.

In addition, the substance surrounding canned vegetables, also known as aquafaba, is not harmful. It’s actually just a mixture of water, salt and vegetable protein, which can be very useful for thickening stews or making vegan desserts.

Canned vegetables and legumes

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Another advantage of canned vegetables is their versatility. Below are some recipes you can make with a pot of lentils, such as salads, stir-fries or croquettes. Here you can also see what you can cook with canned chickpeas:



lentil tartar

Red lentils are used in this recipe, but you can also use Pardina lentils, which are also marketed as canned. This tartare is very easy to make, just rinse the lentils well, mix them with chopped vegetables and coat everything with a vinaigrette of vinegar, mustard, tabasco, oil, salt and pepper. It will be ready in a few minutes food as appetizing as it is simple.



Steamed lentils with mushrooms

Fall is coming, which means mushroom season is about to begin. This is why we recommend it a recipe that includes canned mushrooms and lentils. Wash the vegetables and mix with a sauce onion, garlic and the mushroom you like the most. The result is very tasty and will help you to include legumes in your menu in a different way.

Lentil and peach salad


Lentil and peach salad

Legumes can be included in rich and complete salads, but if you want to make them more palatable, look for the best fruits and vegetables and add as many as you can. For example, the peach season is about to end, so we recommend a recipe enjoy with lentils, carrots and salad.

Lasagna with lentils, Swiss chard, feta cheese and hazelnuts


lentil lasagna

Also lasagna Created by Chloé Sucrée for her blog Being Biotiful It’s perfect to use up that can of lentils you’ve been keeping in the pantry for a long time. It is prepared in the same way as the traditional recipe, but the filling ingredients are all of vegetable origin. It also contains pesto sauce. Who dares to try?

Lentil and quinoa croquette


Lentil and quinoa croquette

If you have trouble getting the little ones in the house to eat legumes regularly, try making these quinoa and lentil croquettes. They look like a lot more than a stew or a salad, so you’ll definitely pay less when you eat them. In addition, it is a hearty and simple dish, you can serve it with a refreshing yogurt sauce.

lentil muffins


Lentil and orange muffins

Vegetables in dessert? That’s right. A mass of them muffins it contains crushed cooked lentils and is not visible. If we prepare them in this way, they will be somewhat healthier, since they contain more fiber, and we will also get very appetizing sweets. They take them off your hands!

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