5 instant soups that are dangerous… and should not be eaten

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The Instant soup They are usually in the “drawer” of the Mexican’s pantry, for their taste and practicality; however, not all brands are recommended on the market. We’ll tell you which ones you shouldn’t eat.

It is normal for this type of soup to contain various ingredients such as wheat flour, spices, sauces, dried vegetables, cheese, tomatoes; at the same time they contain flavor enhancers and unnecessary sugars, which can be harmful to health.

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection (prophet) evaluated 33 brands of soup, analyzing the information on the labels of each product; i.e. the protein and fat content, carbohydratesenergetic.

But it also determined the number of warning stamps in each brand.

Instant soups should be avoided

  1. J-basket

According to the prophetthe curry-flavored instant noodle soup paste does not meet the labeling standard, since does not provide nutritional information on the finished product. Also, the instructions should be in Spanish but in English.

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This is the trademark contains more sodium like other soups, as it applies to 100 grams of product. It also does not meet the labeling standard as it does not provide nutritional information.

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Like the previous one, it does not meet the labeling standard and the soup with the most warning labels Profeco because it contains excess calories, sugar, saturated fat and sodium.

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Four. Knorr pasta is ready

The Fusilli Soup with Cheese Flavored Sauce in this product does not meet the labeling standard because its ingredients are:glucose syrup”, but not identified as added sugar. In addition, it is the one that contains the least amount of protein among the analyzed products.

Credit: Prophecy

5. kraft

Among the pastas analyzed by Profeco, this soup contains the most carbohydrates. It also does not meet the labeling standard as it does not list the nutritional value of the prepared product.

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So now you know that you should analyze the contents of a product before buying or consuming it, and it is also recommended to avoid frequent consumption of these instant soups, as it is ideal to consume them fresh and prepared at home.

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