11 simple soup recipes that you can enjoy every day

The soups, creams Y broths these foods are as comforting as they are nutritious. He has probably turned to you several times when you had a difficult day or felt a little stressed because of a work or personal situation. It’s like getting a comforting hug from mom or grandma in a warm bowl.

It is also a great option to serve during a meal. Whether hot or cold, they are usually very easy and quick to prepare. Don’t forget that they are usually very uplifting and comforting. In Mexico we have the habit of starting a meal with a good soup, either because they are delicious and remind us of mom’s house, or simply because we really feel like it.

However, there are times when you’re sure you’re tired of making the same old pasta soup all the time and want to try something new. Don’t worry, we’ll share our best 11 soup recipesit’s very easy to enjoy any day of the week.

Tortilla soup

Tortilla soup is one of those Mexican dishes that has it all: broth, vegetables, tortillas, and a unique flavor. It is very rich, comforting and the mix of textures and sensations in one dish will give you an unparalleled culinary experience.

Carrot cream

There are times when we don’t need to complicate our lives to prepare delicious food. There are very simple recipes that are already irresistible in themselves, this is the case of carrot cream. The success of this recipe lies in its simplicity. It will be one of your favorites. Tasty, sweet and comforting – a winning combination.

soup recipes for every day

rice and ginger soup

This recipe is ideal for cold and cloudy days like these, when the temperature changes from day to day and the cold does not take long to come. This rice and ginger soup recipe is one of those grandmothers’ cold remedies. It’s very rich, comforting, but above all, it’s very easy to make.

soup recipes for every day

traditional miso soup

Traditional miso soup is one of the favorites of Japanese cuisine, and the best thing about it is that it is very easy to prepare at home, so you can prepare it whenever you feel like it, if you enrich the pantry with a few extra ingredients. You will be amazed by the taste.

soup recipes for every day

Lentil soup with plantain

One of the quintessential comfort soups, a classic in the repertoire of Mexican mothers and grandmothers, is the lentil. This lentil soup made with plantains is very tasty, balanced, but above all very nutritious.

soup recipes for every day

Chickpea and oatmeal soup

In order to have a balanced diet, it is important to include all food groups in our daily meals. One of the most difficult for us is the group of legumes, of which two to four servings per week are recommended. Our Chickpea and Oatmeal Soup is a tasty way to mix them up, a very consistent dish that should be served with a sprinkling of fresh parsley.

soup recipes for every day

Tomato and guajillo chili soup

Tomatoes and guajillo chilies are two classic ingredients of Mexican gastronomy, which are well known for their amazing flavor. This combination makes a tomato and guajillo chili soup with corn kernels and some spices to enhance the flavor. Don’t forget to serve with cream, fresh cheese and chopped cilantro.

soup recipes for every day

baked tomato soup

There are many tomato soup recipes, but one of our favorites is baked tomato soup, a dish with a characteristic intense flavor that is achieved by putting the vegetables in the oven for at least 30 minutes. It should be served with very fine basil to bring out the flavor.

soup recipes for every day

Mushroom soup with huitlacoche

Now that the rainy season is about to begin, it’s a good time to note that this is the season to grow mushrooms for cooking, such as the delicious huitlacoche. We use a huitlacoche mushroom soup with a hint of chile de arbol. A Mexican recipe that we have to give to our families.

soup recipes for every day

Pumpkin flower soup with corn and mushrooms

Another recipe full of the flavors of Mexican cuisine, Corn and Mushroom Corn and Mushroom Soup is full of nutrients. A super balanced recipe that works really well at times when our body needs a boost to protect itself against the flu. Serve with a little fresh cheese and lemon juice.

soup recipes for every day

Beans with chorizo

Chorizo ​​beans are a deep-rooted dish in the recipe books of Spanish cuisine. It’s a really filling, warm and comforting dish, perfect for spooning on cold days when the sky stays cloudy and the sun barely shines.

soup recipes for every day

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